Can we change the vote of the Electoral College?

Yes we can!

Why do people say we can’t?

Because it hasn’t been done before.

Well, we have never had a President Elect such as this before either.

It is time to do something new.

Whether we agree or disagree with the existence of the Electoral College, it was designed for just such a moment as this. Our founding fathers were afraid of the idea of direct democracy. They were afraid the public would be led astray and elect a person who was unfit to hold the office of President so they built in a failsafe. The truth is We The People do not elect the President and Vice President. We elect people who elect them. These people are called Electors. Their votes are pledged in the National vote but those Electors are not committed to make their vote the way they are told.


The Electors are people with hearts, minds, families and friends. Change.org has a petition with more that 4.5 million signatures that they will submit to the Electors. We strongly encourage you to sign it if you have not done so already. We will approach the Electors more personally. This is a letter writing campaign. This is also an outreach campaign. These people live in our neighborhoods. Their kids go to school with ours. Some of you have to know some of them. Please take some time to plead our case in person. Please proceed with kindness and respect. This is a Mission of Loving Kindness.


This is do-able. It takes 37 Electors to change their vote to throw the whole process into limbo and 42 Electors to switch their vote to Hillary to make her President. I personally would love for Hillary to take office but whether or not it is her, Mr Trump in office sends a bad message to our loved ones, our neighbors and the world around us. We are Stronger Together so let us make a stand that way. I would ask all people of conscience to join us regardless how or if they voted. I believe we can all see from Mr Trump’s behavior so far that he has no intention of looking out for anyone other than himself.


For our children and their children, for our planet, for our brothers, sister, cousins, neighbors who feel threatened, who are bullied who are trying to go about their lives scared out of their minds we must do something.

So here is what you can do:

  1. Reach out to us us via email and ask for the addresses of the Electors who need to be contacted. If you live in a red state, we will be hopefully sending you the electors from your state. If not, we will send you those who need a contact. Please click here to find your state delegates.
  2. Please read The Rules of Fair Play.
  3. Take a look at the sample letters then please, with the deepest respect for the Elector’s position, write your own letter. Talk about who you are and why this is important to you. Write kind, respectful, and honest concerns that you have about the president elect.
  4. IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT have to live in a state to write letters to it’s Electors! You can choose any state on the "State Delegates" page and begin writing to the Electors of that state, however it would be preferable to choose a swing state.
  5. Mail the letters no later than December 10th. Please mail as many as possible as early as possible.
  6. Please let us know via email how many letters you and/or your group have sent and to whom so we can keep track and know who still needs to be contacted.

We also have a FaceBook presence: Electoral College Letter Writing Campaign. Please like the page and share the page with others.

There will be a sort of message board on the site. If you want something posted on it please send it to me and I will post it if it is appropriate to our cause.