Fair Play

The Rules of Fair Play

What we are doing is an exercise in standing up and voicing what we believe in; it is our duty and a privilege as free Americans to do so, especially after this outrage election. This work you are undertaking —and it will be work—must be done to achieve several things:

  1. eliminate the Electoral College.
  2. take action after mourning a devastating loss despite winning the popular vote and,
  3. to flip votes. As many votes as we can to make the case that a few men and women stand in the way of a legitimate winning candidate.

We’ve been affronted, I know, and we see these electors as fat-ass-low-class-dim-witted-Boss Hogg bigots, I hear ya. Some may be. We’ve seen them in the news. . . .But then there are those electors who have been conflicted. Good people going down the wrong path. I know that’s hard to fathom, because we don’t know why they would vote for Trump. It’s complicated. I can’t seem to get into their heads, to tell you the truth.
So here’s our approach if we want results, as you will see it in my sample letters:

Here’s what we don’t do:

  • Whatever you do, don’t say Faithless Elector or Flip your vote! It implies treachery. We are not accusatory.
  • We do not deride Trump and the Republican Party that created the monster. It’ll only confirm they must defeat liberal values. We do not argue political philosophies. What’s the point? They won’t be swayed.

Here’s what we do:

  • We acknowledge that they have a grave responsibility in their decision.
  • We appeal to their patriotism, their loyalty to America over party politics.
  • We appeal to their humanity, their sense of justice and family values.
  • Use simple terms and words. They won’t be impressed by your knowledge. Many will feel your condescension (“looked down upon”, LOL!).
  • Be kind; be human while questioning their decision.

Good luck all!